Wednesday, April 25, 2001

me and mario are having a party at the end of the year. yeah. coming up close. may 24 is the day we get out of school.

*sigh, sigh* i'm gonna miss everyone.. soo soo much. but let's not go into that. anyway. we're having a party on the last day of school. i'm looking at the invitations. had to be on the black and white copier because the color copier chose today not to work. i would be patient but i really want to give this out!

you know how it is.

anyway, i just thought i'd make some kind of post on here. amy, jenn, and stef all have away messages on.


love you guys. <3

Sunday, April 22, 2001

steph. sorry i havent been here lately..I dont really know what to say except I didnt forget about the blog I was just too lazy to write in it.
I think someone should definetly us to one of thier pages considering the only people that read this thing, is US. :|
Anywho I had an awesome 420..The weekend has been pretty decent...I just got a cable modem today so Im havin a shitload of fun with it..
I'll be back later when I find somethin to write about..later