Saturday, April 21, 2001

damn i keep forgetting about this thing. :/ but i'm not in the mood for a long post right now so i just thought i'd say hello.
gee.. noticed that this died. i really have not been online lately so i have neglected to come here. i'm not sure about amy, stef, and jenn. stef really has stopped posting. sheesh. it's funny how we can never stick to commitment.

i'm finally over my sickness. took a whole week but i'm FINALLY over it. hurray.

i got my dress a week ago.. it's really pretty. blue. figures, though, doesn't it? shoes and a handbag to match. yeah, wow. that's pretty interesting. i don't have a picture of it or anything.. so i guess until i do nobody will care much, hm?

and also, i finally went out last night for the first time in weeks. so the grounding is over. i went to the mall with a bunch of people. we had a lot of fun.. however, we kept having the problem of not knowing what to do next.. so we would stay in one spot for about an hour debating. this happened in front of the movie theater, in starbucks, and in jonny rockets. oh well, it was still fun. i went with carrie, erin, lauren, kailin, stephanie, nichole, megan, amy, andy, daniel, kenny, john.. and some people i really dont know (sarah, shay, and some other chick) all in all, i had a good time.

i might go out again today with just erin and lauren. i bought some pants yesterday but i couldn't find a shirt to go with them.. so if i go out again today, that will be my mission. heh.

i've been listening to this song a lot lately. i don't know, i'm kind of stuck on it. it's an oldie but a goodie. "the freshmen" by the verve pipe majorly rocks, k.

i haven't really talked to any of you guys lately.. been kind of busy. however, i am talking to stef right now. but amy, i talked to you once for the first time in a week and i haven't seen you since. jenn, talked to you once since you got back to florida.. but that's been it. agh, where did we all go?

we never talk of our lack of relationships.. and how we're guilt stricken sobbing with our heads on the floor.. we fell through the ice when we tried not to slip, we'd say...

good song, good song.

love you guys <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (much much much luv considering i haven't seen you guys in so long!)