Thursday, April 12, 2001

i 'mated' with paulas cousin. ok well not really. he and i just had to combine our two drawings of bugs (lol..) to figure out what traits were dominant and recessive. we had a red and black boy bug named Elmer, with a triangle head and a pointed body.

i can't believe no one is online, i have nobody to talk to. jenny and hattie, where are they? and i have to call melissa but not until after we're both done with dinner. i smell pasta.

i spent all of language arts and most of study hall correcting a paper for JT; he's this preppy hott kid who is pretty smart but sucks AMAZINGLY at writing. it was one of the most frusterating papers i'd say i've ever edited. there were so many run on sentences and thats one of the problems i have with my papers. and he didn't seem to know what commas are. don't get me wrong though, i love jt, i wouldnt have done it for him if i didnt. hes really funny and sweet and pretty cute n all, but yea, hes a terrible writer.

retro shows tonight. the first friends, will and grace, and ER? yes im in heaven. im gonn call melissa at 7 and we'll watch friends.

i might go over to jennys sat... shes catholic though, i donno what she does for easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

home from school again. sheesh. 11:37 AM.. my friends are currently in 5th period.. well, actually, the bell is about to ring.

aghh.. if i go back tomorrow, it will be my last day. we have off on friday and monday. haha. my history teacher asked if i was taking an "extended vacation". gee, that's a funny one.

last night was awful. my fever went up to 103.1 and i kept getting that dizzy feeling. felt pretty bad.

jeez i hope i'm better by friday. i don't wanna miss that. i've waited much too long to get my dress.

tonight josie and the pussycats came out. i really wanna see it. tonight is also the blockbuster awards.

i guess i'm slightly better today. i woke up without a fever.. i still feel pretty crappy, though. i guess it's because my chest is all clogged up. damn asthma.

the bell just rang. ding ding ding.. go to 6th period.. which would be PE for me. well, at least one good thing came out of this. get to miss that.

i'm gonna be so screwed over when i get my make-up work. agh.

love you guys. <3
if you buy me this i will love you FOREVER. its the giant lennon subway poster.. omg.. im saving for it right now.. im in love with it.. it is beautiful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

spring break, my ass. i'm sitting here in lovely canton... bored to death, in cozy 55-degree weather, right in the middle of nowhere. yes, this IS the life. ah, and dad wants to use MY computer now. so i guess i'll go find something else to do, out of the many activities there are here.
home from school again. i have a thermometer in my mouth.. oh whoops, it's beeping. 99.5. so my temperature went down from what it was this morning.

agh. i'm really dizzy for some reason. i can't put my finger on it.. but i don't know what this feeling is. i just feel really lightheaded and i keep like forgetting where i am and what i'm doing... and what i am doing doesn't seem like it's real. i don't know, it's REALLY hard to explain.

1:20 PM.. friends get out of school in 1 hour and 15 minutes. not too long. i'm still so dizzy so when everyone calls me again i don't know if i'll be able to talk. i might forget who i'm talkin to, jeez.

aw shit. so much for my goal to only miss on day.

i'm reallllly realllllly hot. agh.. and i ache too. and i can't shake this freakin' dizzyish whatever feeling. i hate it.

but of course, when you've got a fever, even if there's a fan above you (which there is) everything feels hot.

i hate this dizzy feeling. i feel like i'm going to fall down and faint or something. it's pretty scary.

i'm gonna go try to make it to my bed and rest.. but i just can't bring my eyes to close. that's what bothers me. i want to go to sleep, but i can't. i hate this.


i'm gonna say it again. i hate being sick.

love you guys. <3

Monday, April 09, 2001

i'm home from school today. yeah, i feel pretty crappy.

as much as i hate school, i hate missing it even more.. well, missing all my other classes is just fine, but i can't stand missing algebra. i'll come back and get my make-up work and our algebra teacher is evil, so she won't exlpain it. and we started a new chapter on friday and i didn't understand the first section, so when i get my make-up work i'm gonna be confused as hell.

and well, you're probably thinking one day won't do much, but when i'm sick i always miss at least 3 days. when i get sick, i get sick. it really sucks, too. oh well, maybe this time i'll be okay tomorrow.. but judging from the way i felt when i woke up, that has a really small possibility. bleh... crappy feelings, crappy feelings.

i was up basically all night because i couldn't breathe.. i felt awful.

but i guess just as long as i'm okay by friday all will be well. i'm getting my dress for the dance on friday and i don't want to miss that. i've been waiting to get it for a really long time. i'm looking forward to it.

stupid sun is shining really brightly through the windows. i'm always sick on the sunniest days. i hate sunshine. i don't know, i probably shouldn't... but i prefer dark, rainy days. rain makes me smile. sunshine makes me squint.

judging by the fact that it's only 76 degrees (when i say only, you must remember i live in texas) and i'm really hot, i must have a fever. thermometer alert. be right back. (oh, trust me, this little entry is going to be long because i don't have anyone to talk to) stefo and jenn are online but they both have away messages.

i have a thermometer in my mouth. i hate these things. i most likely don't have a fever because i just remembered i took some medicine for that about an hour ago. hmmmmm.. i guess im just hot. aghhhh.

it's supposed to rain on thursday!

98.7 is my temperature. my neck hurts. amy is at school, stef is on spring break, jenn is.. i'm not sure, but she's online. away message. geez i need someone to talk to.

oh well, i've made this blog boring enough. i guess i'll go.

love you guys. <3

Sunday, April 08, 2001

i don't feel good either.


love you guys. <3