Saturday, April 07, 2001

teeeeeheheeehehe. i cut my hair, i have bangs now.. omg. lol. i havent had them since.. 3rd grade? my god. lol.. i cut too much but i just clip half of it back so only thin bangs are there, but its still kinda ugly.. i just look like a little kid. grr.

okay anyways, i burned my forehead so my dad had to go get me some antiseptic stuff. :/

i taped more lizzie mcguire. anyways, i better go, im kinda bored. today is saturday, remember KIDS mad tv and SNL thats (saturday night live) to you, cait are on tonight. you betta watch! MAD tv is 10 CST and SNL is 10:35, watch them at the same time. flip back and forth during bad sketches, but DON'T MISS LORRAINE!
i dont feel good.

at all.

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

god today was awesome. i wish everyday was like this. first of all...
me and matt
HELL YEAH! need i say more about that. he's a hottie but then again he doesn't compare to my JOE who I talked to on IM for awhile then he asked me to call him so I did, and we talked for an hour until anna had to use the phone so now I'm waiting for him to call back. cause he MEMORIZED my phone number. that's a big step for us. oh yeah, he called me when i accidentally hung up on him.
I'm so proud. I hope things stay good for us. It's made me so much happier. you don't even know. i'm gonna go write in od before i forget about my rockin' day. oh yeah, joe grant told me that he'd kiss me. how cute is that. yeah n theres more to that but im too lazy to type it so check my od to see if i wrote about it.
well, i finally got my blog to work. quite happy with myself, i am, i must say. so anyways, i really need some publicity and all that crap. i have a group blog with some of my friends, but the address will be changing soon so i'm not even gonna bother to post the link..

perverted moment of the day: melissa hears some people fighting over "heads" and "tails" in line.. someone told another person they didnt have heads, so they said okay, i'll give you head. n they didnt get it. thats so melissa.

so who's seen britney spears' commercial for pepsi? i am so drinkin coke for now on. its fucking hilarious when she tries to "ride," don't roll like durst honey, it just doesn't make sense..

Monday, April 02, 2001

hi guys. i just slept for like 4 hours.. heh. some of my sleep is coming back.

amy >> you didn't see me yesterday because i went to astroworld.

yeah, it was fun. i went with megan, ashley, and jason. we had a good time despite the fact that jason was being an asshole. we just yelled at him and he lightened up.. for some of the time anyway. oh well, you learn to deal, huh?

love you guys. <3

hey cait, i liked our insightful talk. :/ it was cool.. we have to dicuss stuff in that manner more often. i didnt get to see you at all today dude, where are you?

im off school tomorrow, n jenny is babysitting. grr. we went shopping yesterday.

anyway that was just a fun little update. i wanna go to the movies tomorrow..

Sunday, April 01, 2001

hi, i havent written here in awhile so i thought i'd stop by. it's sunday and there's not much to do.