Saturday, March 31, 2001

good morning all. just thought i'd put something on here because to be honest, i forgot about it. whoops.

nothing much is going on lately.. still grounded.. grrrrrrrr.. so that limits me. my sleep schedule is really messed up because i can't seem to get myself off the phone around 10. and then i can't got off at 11.. or 12.. or 1.. or 2.. luckily i'm always off by at most 3:30.. but still, when you have to wake up at 6, that tears out a big chunk of sleep. and i've been doing this all week, so mario and i promised not to talk on the phone past 10 all next week.. because well, we're losing an hour on sunday and i think i've lost enough hours.

losing sleep is an unhealthy habit and well, i should get rid of it, but late night phone calls are just too meaningful. yanno?


so.. thanks to amy for an insightful talk last night. <3 <3 <3

and hugs to jenn, who i'm really happy for. <3 <3 <3

and as for you stef, i haven't seen you in a while. but what the hell, <3 <3 <3

love you guys. <3

Friday, March 30, 2001

lady marmalade is a fucking GOOD song, its by like lil kim and pink and christina and stuff and i love it...

Monday, March 26, 2001

i see said the blind man.

stef i always say im out like the fat kid in dodge ball.. n when im bein sarcastic i say WiT aN x AnD aN o I'm OuT LyK WoAh! :X and yea we needa add more shit, we do need fame. someone needs to link us up. no one loves us. and group blogs are cooler, especially since we are such kick ass sexy ladies.

bein nice to boys is the best policy i think, ive been treating matt like fucking god and today it like, paid off, i guess he missed me. yeah.. riight. i think he was kinda jealous of vinny and jt getting all of my attention, he cant let the preps steal my affection. damn preppies. they're hott though. i talk about boys too much. ugh. im gay. today hattie was trying to get adam to tell her who matt liked and i was just like BITCH DONT ;/ but really i appreciated it in the end cause id been kinda curious. i tried ta get colin to tell me once.

i hate my new seating arrangement in math. matts even farther away and im with some gay people. but yea, melissa and lindsey and kayla all sit by matt so i can go over and chill and talk to them and that will just give me an excuse to be over there and then i can talk to him without lookin like a freak. aww.

aww i love curtis. hes jennys ex. hes the sweetest kid ever.

simon is funny.

im boy crazy. anyfuckinways, i have some serious pains in my ovaries n maybe i oughta go do some yoga. the song on the radio sucks right now. i hate shaggy.

im out...
just a little message to all the bastards out there. fuck with me and your pussy ass is mine.

proof i get what i want.. even little things.

i have major pms. don't deny my raspberry peach lipgloss, or anything else for that matter, because i am woman hear me roar and you men fucking know cramps are undefeated.

anyone see SNL or madTV on saturday night? i missed it, damn it! email if you can give me the lo-down.

im going to go listen to some angry music and have a midol. i love matt ;D

Sunday, March 25, 2001

haha i said dead kidd insteada deaf kidd..well you all know what i mean. im out like the kid with no legs in tag. (that was gay cuz i just made it up)
heyy..its been awhile. whats new pussycats?? well my weekend was pretty cool even tho i did shit..yesterday i was hitchiking and got picked up by a scary old lady..she got me where i needed to go tho. so um amy i think we should add more stuff foo :/ i dont understand why we get no fame, are group blogs less cool or somethin? well anyway.. amy i think you should start smoking to piss your parents off. jenn i think you need to move somewhere else and get a change of...well yanno. and cait why are you grounded? ok well im out like the dead kidd in musical chairs..ciao.
jenn, two of my best friends are figure skaters, and i know a lot of other ones. really they're some of the sweetest people ive ever met as athletes so DONT DISS :/

cait you think your house is driving you nuts? HAH.

i made some big scene tonight about my parents smoking and i was really depressed and crying for 2 - 3 hours straight. part of it was pms i think and part of it is just that i hate bullshit like that. and my mom told me she would quit, and i told her i didnt believe her. she said she would prove me wrong. it didnt make me feel better. i don't know what to think. my dad told me that through this whole thing the hardest part has been that hes known ive been right all along. if they do quit smoking, i will be very very proud of them but also of myself. i feel like by doing this i've made a really good, really big influence on their life and their health. but i dont know.. right now i'm at an i'll believe it when i see it stage. i still seriously do not know what to think though. the dreamer half of me hopes they'll quit. the logical half of me tells me not to get my hopes up because my mother has lied to me before about this.

its late. i better go.

check out my website. secluded; it's not even close to done but when it is itll be kickin some ass. i love you,