Saturday, March 24, 2001

i'm so bored right now. actually i'm bored about 85% of the time. seriously. i never have anything to write here, i guess whenever i do have something to say i go straight to OD. i love OD. so it's saturday and i have nothing to do which doesn't surprise me. there's never any excitement around here. no, wait, there's an ICE SHOW today. screw that, i wouldn't be caught dead at one of those things where all the little figure skaters are gonna be. just the crappy locals, nobody famous or even good for that matter lol. i hate this town and most of the people in it so much. they really annoy me. thus the reason i need a vacation. oh how i love spring break.
well, i'm grounded... so there's not much to do around here. i left my book in my locker so there's nothing to read. i left my other book in my locker so i can't do my homework. and there is nothing for breakfast. hmmph. oh well, i'm only grounded from going places with my friends... which doesn't ban me from going to megan's tonight. megan asked me to the movies.. then jason asked me to the movies.. and carrie asked me to go to the mall... grrrrrr.. so i've got to turn down everything. this house is driving me nuts.
omg, my family makes me sooooooooooooooooo mad! i can't stand anyone anymore. i'm only happy when i'm not here. i want to just go spend the entire day with my friends. i'm one of the only kids i know who loves school, and i don't love it for the grades or the teachers, yes- i love it for my friends, partially. but my favorite thing about school is that it's not home. i need to get out of here.
alll my friends are so caught up in their own lives. i think its because we're at an age where the only aspects in our lives are friends and boys and what's important to us. i must say i'm like that too. i'm self centered.

no one cares about anyone else's problems. in fact, a lot of times people just talk over each other trying to get their point across... but thats how it is.

i need to go take care of my chronic back pain. anyone know a good chiropractor?

Friday, March 23, 2001

yes yes yes, html. wohooo. i'm tired... it's 12:14 pm and I just woke up but i still feel sleep-deprived. :/

Thursday, March 22, 2001

yes jen sweetheart you can put html in here but dont forget to close your tags or else it fucks the whole thing up. aww hattie says im one of her best friends. im flattered.
omg i forgot about this thing. stef told me to post and i was like "WHOA THE BLOG!" so thanks for reminding me steffy. i love you. and i love you cait, and amy. so anyway, we had a snow day today. that was cool. hey can I put HTML in here? i wanna try. but then if it screws up, i'll feel gay. i won't try it then. la la la. i'm bored. oh yeah, i'm gonna add this to my site so maybe we'll get more traffic. not that many people visit my site, but whatever.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

i have what is commonly called dj karma. this means if i call up radio stations i am always put on air because something draws them to me. maybe its the fact that they all say i sound like im 24 when i'm 13. anyway, i love i s a b e l l e for bein the coolest dj ever. yeeea! i love being on the radio. i got to introduce a song and then the dj thought i was awesome so she put our conversation on the air. woo.
i'm angry at blogger. it screwed my entry.. grrrrrrrrr. well let's see if i can remember anything.. hi.. sorry i haven't made any past postings, been kind of busy. everyone at school is bustling around worrying about the huge end of the year dance.. whether they have dresses or dates.. etc.. and i don't have either. heh. but onto the happier things in life.. i have rehearsal for the spring play tomorrow. there's a variety show and i'm in two acts. well maybe it will be three if i try out for improv (they're doing substitute arms - heh, anyone know what that is?) but i'm not sure if i'll want to do it.. there'll be two sets of four so that's eight people. the thing i worry about in improv is whether i'll blank out or not.. because if you blank out, you're completely screwed. i know because it happened to my friend kailin at the speech tournament, and she was in semi-finals. her partner, erin got flustered because of it and couldn't cover for her. so.. i dunno. but i am in two acts. i'm doing a pantomime with kailin (the topic is broadway auditions) and a lip sync with nicole, megan, and ashley (good mornin' from singing in the rain) so that should be cool. yeah. i'm rambling again so i better go. today was the one year anniversary of nsync's no strings attached. i woke up at 5:00 in the morning this day one year ago and was the first person in all of sam goody to own a copy. yeah, now i'm definetly going. <3
the coolest person in the world is Phoebe Buffay from friends. I remember one night at a sleepover two of my friends were talkin about who would be who if we were in "friends" and I was falling asleep so I got stuck bein Phoebe. they said I act like her but I think they made me Phoebe cuz none of them wanted to be her. at first I was irritated because I wanted to be Jennifer Aniston. but I am realizing that Iam the lucky one because Phoebe is bombz. She writes cool songs like Suicide and Snowmen, and Smellycat. She makes babies for other people. She ends up with Joey. shes just cool beans. so there.
s t e f o :
i dont know, im just braindead, andrew all of a sudden disappeared. yea, i kno, im very proud, i have to make it so that gay ad isnt on there (upload it to ftp or something.) we are not hogs. cait and jenn are just dumb thats all ;/ i dont know if anyone reads our shizzzzzzzzzzzzy (as vinny would put it). we need some publicity. everyone loves jenns cam site. link us up dude. :/ i use :/ a lot too.

anyway, matt and i discussed who's family is more mentally insane (its mine, believe me) but he says his aunt is fucked up. nice to talk to him.

today was hat day, i didnt see many cool hats but whatever. i came in and everyone was like MY GOD, I THOUGHT YOU DIED! its good to be loved.
i   l o v e   m a t t .
hello dudes and dudettes..well to answer my very cool comment, amy, andrew is history. where've ya been dear? :/ and dorian..still goin on NOT cheating on ian but we still like each other. i must say amy, i love the perdy lil job you did on our kicks ass. for some reason, i feel like we're hoggin the blog or somethin cuz cait and jenn seem to hmm NOT POST ANYTHING? :/ where are you guys?!
anyway, im waiting for my dad to order some dominos cuz im pretty damn hungry. in other news, i am doing better in school..yay :o :^) i will not be a happy camper if i have to go to summer school. that would definetly suck cock n balls. so i have a question, does anyone actually read this shiznit? oh yeah amy..wheres the little info n pic that was gunna be on the side dude? :/ dontcha think i use this face too much? :/ i definetly do. welllllll im out like the fat kid in dodgeball..peace
i have been writing wayyy too much. so, i'm going to school, anyway. i took a real shower, really brushed my teeth and actually changed clothes. i know it sounds gross, but i mean, who really does that when they're sick? typically you get in the shower, stand there for a short amount of time, don't even do anything, get out with ratty hair but are happy your sinuses are clear (until you leave the bathroom), then run the brush over your teeth a few times and i mean.. i wore pajamas all day, every day, no reason to change.

now that i've actually COMPLETELY grossed you out, its hat day today. im wearing my old navy baseball hat, but it makes my bangs get in my eyes. i don't care, its the only hat i own. i used to have a bunch of my grammas old ones from like, the 1920's, but they disappeared (i think she took em back to her place). so a baseball hat it is. i have this weird paranoia that i'll get there, and it won't be hat day (even though i was told it was by 2 or 3 people) and look like a fucking idiot.

i listened to the radio in the shower and didnt get electricuted. yes, i sing in the shower. then flip got locked in the bathroom and i tried to pet him and i was soaking wet and he had a fit.

k well i have to finish getting ready...
so i did the new layout thing. cool, yea i thought so. i also added one of those "comment" things. wooo go me. i'm an idiot though so i couldn't figure out how it worked. but then i got a clue. at least being stupid helped me pass the time. so, anyway, i dont think anyone's reading this but if you are LEAVE US COMMENTS!

i think i will go to school later... i'm gonna call my dad as soon as i'm done writing. i hate getting sooo behind. it sucks.

stefo you're so funny ;o i need to add a poll on here like you requested. what should we poll about?

gah, i look SO shitty i hope a shower and makeup will fix me up because right now i look like i just crawled out of the gutter ;o. i will probably write more this morning. anyways. i love you.
i stayed home again today. i'll shower later. maybe i'll go in this afternoon. i'm working on a new layout cause i have nothing better to do. itll be done by the time the 3 of you get home. i just hope you guys dont hate it :/

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

howdy doo..well i talked to ian today while i was hanging out with guys.. BIG MISTAKE! if anyone says a word to me he gets super defensive and at first its cute but then its like DAMN NEGRO! gimmie my room! i love him n all but sure nuff, nuff gets to be nuff sometimes, ya smell me? din-din's ready gotta bounce like a bad check--peace
ahh you just have to love SNL. tina fey said something funny for once? (i know, i cant believe it either.)

amy: "bush told democrats last week that they just needed to move on, and move forward. that is what all of america is doing. america replied, yes, we do want to move forward. to 2004."
jenny: lol
jenny: you're just full of bush critizism
amy: damn straight.

amy is sick and also, her computer decided to be a bitch while she was working on this and blogger died; then aol died; then the cable modem died for 2 days and then amy began barfing.

hattie and paula are pissing me off. why wont my friends be rational.

JOHN PHILLIPS DIED yes cait, mckenzie phillips' dad. :/ im in mourning. i was in denial all of monday night.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

uhm dude jenn whats wrong?? :/ and no cait I am the coolest.. you can pretend you are though, I really dont mind..did someone delete my post earlier? very unkosher.
i am cait and i am the coolest :^)
FUCK CANTON. i hate this place. i wanna move. :[
um. testing? 123? :D